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Tattoo Terms & Conditions

Pricing and booking fees

The hourly rate for tattoos is 1650kr/h unless otherwise stated. Charging starts from the time booked (if the appointment starts from 12pm, the hourly rate starts at 12pm)

Appointments for Saturdays can be arranged via email. Please note that I charge an added 500kr for tattooing on weekends.

The drawing fee for custom tattoos starts at 1000kr and must be paid at the time of booking your appointment. The drawing fee is non-refundable and is put towards the final cost of your tattoo. 

The booking fee (aka "deposit" ) for any pre-drawn design is 500kr and is put toward the final cost of the tattoo. The booking fee is refundable if cancellation occurs 72hrs prior to the booked time.

Both the drawing fee and booking fee acts as a hold for me and my time.

Cancellations and reschedules

Your deposit and appointment are booked for the idea discussed or submitted at the time of booking.

Your reference material and/or fonts must be provided at the time of booking. Failing to produce reference material on time or making big last minute changes to the design may result in the loss of your appointment and booking/drawing fee.

You must give me at least 72hrs (3days) notice to reschedule your appointment. Failing to do so will result in the loss of your booking/drawing fee.

Cancelling your appointment entirely with less than 72hrs notice will result in the loss of your fee.

In case of illness

If you are feeling unwell, please notify me at the earliest time possible.

You will be given a 30 day grace period to reschedule your appointment. This can be done once per booking.

In case of illness, your drawing/booking fee will be carried over to your new booking.

I run a small business and illness has a big impact on us. Please don't come in unless you are sure you are no longer contagious.

If I fall ill, I'll let you know at the earliest time possible and I'll arrange a new date for you.

Prior to tattooing

Avoid drinking alcohol or highly caffeinated drinks 24hrs prior to your appointment. If I suspect you are under the influence at the time of the appointment, I will not tattoo you and your booking/drawing fee will be forfeit.

I cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have active/open wounds and/or acne in the area you want tattooed.

I cannot tattoo you if you carry any bloodborne diseases.

I cannot tattoo you if you are under the age of 18 - No expections. 

On the day of the appointment, you will be asked to fill in a consent form and disclose health conditions and if you are on any medication that could affect the tattoo.

I do not tattoo hands or faces on anyone under the age of 25, or on anyone not already heavily tattooed. 

I reserve the right to refuse any tattoo for any reason.


If you are more than 20min late to your appointment, the time missed will be charged at my hourly rate and will be in addition to the cost of the tattoo once you arrive.

I reserve the right not to tattoo you if you arrive late, leaving insufficient time for me to complete the tattoo. In this case, your drawing/booking fee will be forfeit.

Follow my aftercare advice and take good care of your new tattoo. Failure to do so may result in a poorly healed tattoo.

Touch ups are free if you book it in within 3 months of your first session.

Touch ups on fingers and hands cost 500kr irregardless.

Custom drawings

Custom drawings/tattoo designs are available to view on the day of your appointment only. I do not send out designs in advance.
Please look through my portfolio and reviews (healed and fresh tattoos available to view on Instagram, reviews can be found on Google) before booking.

There's always time on the day to discuss your design and ask for small changes.

Please note, I do not do colour tattoos. I will not add "hints of colour". I tattoo using black, gray, red and white ink only. I do not have any other colours available in the studio.

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