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Sofie Needles is a Stockholm based tattooer, artist and illustrator. Her body of work is heavily influenced by the darker corners of modern subculture and music. 

Her illustrations and tattoos, mostly in black ink only, explore themes of magic, folklore and occultism, all merged together to create striking, high contrast imagery.

Starting her career as an illustrator and graphic designer for a motorcycle company in Taiwan in 2014 and taking up a tattoo apprenticeship in the same country in 2015, Sofie is comfortable working with both digital and printed media, alongside tattoing.
She has since worked in Hong Kong and is now living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sofie Needles is the founder and head honcho at In Drone studio (est 2021) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Selected works and features

Ve & Fasa, (Ereshkigal T-shirt illustration)

Handkraft (Book, Arvinius+Orfeus 2022)

Kraftverk (Exhibition, Sven Harrys konstmuseum, Stockholm 2022)

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