When your tattoo is fresh, it's important to take good care of it for a good result . The healing time differs from person to person, but it takes around 2-3 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal. It's not completely healed until all the scabs have fallen off.

Keep your tattoo looking good and healthy: 

When the process of tattooing itself is finished, your tattoo will be washed off, lightly moisturized and covered in cling film. Leave that cling film on for at least 3h, but no longer than 8h. If you have been given Dermalize, leave it on for about 2 days unless there's excessive fluid or if the bandage is peeling off. In that case, it's fine to take it off and move on to the next step.

TAking off the plastic:

  • Wash your hands before taking the plastic off.

  • Wash your tattoo in lukewarm water and a perfume free soap. Gently rub away any plasma and ink residue.

  • Pat-dry your tattoo with the clean towel, don't rub.

  • Moisturize with a thin layer of cream/ointment.

Whilst your tattoo is healing:

  • Your tattoo is an open wound until it's healed. Handle it with clean hands only.

  • Wash two times daily with a perfume free soap.

  • Moisturize after washing with recommended ointment and whenever it feels dry or itchy.

AVoid the following:

  • Drying out the tattoo to the point of getting a thick scab. This will result in ink falling out.

  • Strenuous exercise. It heightens the risk of infection and slows the healing process.

  • Scratching your fresh tattoo. If it's itchy, gently pat your tattoo or put a small amount of ointment on it. If you scratch it, you will ruin the tattoo.

  • Don't pick the scabs. They have to fall off naturally.

  • Don't go sunbathing, go swimming or into a sauna. Heightens the risk of damage to your tattoo and infection.  

  • Letting other people touch your fresh tattoo.  You are the only one who should be touching it, with clean hands.

Happy healing!

Recommended soaps:
Anything mild and perfume free for sensitive skin.

REcommended creams/ointments

Bepanthen, Lucas PawPaw, Aquaphor, Inky Salve. 

PS : Please use SPF30 or higher on healed tattoos to avoid sundamage.

Healed tattoos can become raised and slightly itchy as your skin reacts to heat or cold. This is normal and usually stops quickly.


Do you use vegan ink?
Yes, everything I use is. Stencil medium and paper, green soap, disinfectant, glide, the lot. 

Will you tattoo people under the age of 18?

No. Not even with your parents consent. Please bring valid ID with you if you look young.

What will the tattoo cost?
Do you charge hourly?

It depends on the size and level of detail. I charge hourly for bigger pieces and commissions, my flash designs usually has a set price.

Will you tattoo my hands/face/neck?

Probably not. I make exceptions though

Do you make custom designs on request?

Absolutely! Commissions are fun. Email me for a consultation.

Will you send me the custom design before the appointment?

No. I do not send pictures of designs, not even commissions. All designs are available to view on the day of the appointment, but I'm happy to make alterations. If you like what's on my Instagram, you'll like what I've drawn for you.

Can I take painkillers/use numbing cream?

Painkillers will dilute your blood and make it more difficult for me to tattoo you. Numbing creams can change the texture of the skin. There's usually numbing spray made for tattoos in the studio if needed.

Can I book a time for a weekend?

I prefer not working weekends, but i do make exceptions for certain projects. 

Do you sell gift cards?


Can I bring my friend?

I'm usually okay with one person coming along as moral support. However, please ask ahead. I work in a very busy studio and sometimes there's not enough space to accommodate for your friends.