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Ornamental blackwork - "Fake"tattoos
  • Would you like to get tattooed but are afraid of committing? Or are you still too young to get a tattoo? No problem! These 13 individual tattoo transfers are designed by me, so you don’t have to get the childish looking ones from the corner shop. The sheet includes some matchy ones so you can play with symmetry or share with your friends.

    Simply cut out your chosen design and make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from excess oils. Remove the protective plastic and place the design where you would like it. Soak thoroughly with warm water for 30-60 seconds and carefully peel off the backing paper. You’ve got a tattoo!

    Easily comes off with warm water and soap, as warm water loosens the glue.

    Ornamental blackwork - "Fake"tattoos

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